This part has the goal to provide you advices that will allow you to optimize the price and quality when you request for a quotation. To make it easier and faster, you can download below our Inquiry form (Excel file), fill it out and send to us at
Please read these information carefully, because they are your benefits.

The price of stainless steel depends on the nickel value established by the London Metal Exchange. Shyh Hwa will help to evaluate the best moment to buy your tubes according to the market.
Because of long-term partnerships with their coil suppliers based in Taiwan, Shyh Hwa is able to get the best quality of the coil according to International standards (ASTM) with the best price. With Shyh Hwa, materials
with a composition below the scale would never happen.

The standard length is 6 meters (25 feet), but to reduce transportation fees we suggest keeping the length under 5.8 meters. Such lengths can be fit into a 20’ container, which in turn will save more money from using expensive 40’ container.

Real thickness
Shyh Hwa mainly provides A554 tube which has a tolerance for thickness around 10%. If the price is essential for you, Shyh Hwa can provide you tubes with a thickness near the limit of the tolerance. This will decrease the total weight but still respect the standards. The benefit is a cheaper price.
In another hand, if the thickness has to get a high precision, please mention it in the form.

Shyh Hwa doesn’t ask minimum requirement of order unless the size of the tubes is very special. We also give discounts if your needs per year reach certain quantity.

Shyh Hwa provides any kind of polish. Many customers would ask 600 grits mirror polish, whereas 400 grit mirror polish would be acceptable. Indeed 600 grit mirror polish needs to be done manually, which in turn would cost about $17 more. If grit of polish is important to you, we can send you some samples for you to decide.

Tubes Packages
Each tube is protected by at least one plastic sleeve to prevent scratches.
If highly polished surface is not a requirement and the diameter of the tube is small enough, to reduce the cost, we can also wrap multiple tubes into one single plastic bag,
An adhesive film is recommended for manually polished tube. For other special or different packages, please specify in the form.

If you need a small quantity sent by CFS (Loose Cargo), Shyh Hwa advises you to protect your goods with wooden boxes or steel crates. A humidity Paper proof package is enough for a FCL shipment.

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